Monday, May 21, 2007

Good News, Letitia

Last summer the FDA finally approved Mexoryl (generic name: ecamsule). It is a sunscreen that blocks UVA rays more effectively than anything previously available on the market. [Older sunscreens were formulated to block UVB rays.] The only downside is that L'Oreal has the patent for Mexoryl. Right now they are only offering it as a moisturizer, and only in their Lancome line, not the less expensive L'Oreal line. Mexoryl is also available in Anthelios brand sunscreens. Either way, you will pay about $35 for 3.4 ounces. Still, the approval of Mexoryl is good news for my pasty friends.


  1. There is a struggle within me between my cheap Dutch side and my pasty side of unknown origin.

    My money's on the cheap side winning though. I'd put a stuiver on it...

  2. I have the Lancome version of this sunblock. It's great, but really thick. It makes an already pale girl like myself look extra pasty.

    I'm torn because it does seem to be doing a fantastic job on my skin...