Sunday, May 27, 2007


Today is Pentecost in the Christian calendar. There is a tradition at my church to celebrate by wearing red. Other cultures have interesting rituals regarding this day. In parts of Europe, the Monday following Pentecost is a holiday.

I plan to celebrate the day as a heathen, camping in the woods. But if I were headed to church, this dress (above) would be a nice choice.

And these shorts, from Olive Juice Kids, would be so adorable on Big E.

This dress, with its red poppy trim, would make Becca look improbably innocent.

Papi Chulo, as the resident redhead, could sit this one out.


  1. Well, that explains why Big E insisted I wash that red checked dress shirt this morning. I hate to break it to him that we won't be dressing up...

  2. Ooh I love that dress!

  3. We dressed in red for Pentecost! I let Miss J. pick out our clothes, figuing we didn't have so much red that it would go awry.

  4. Sara -- That's exciting! Were you the only ones?