Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dinner Drop

There is a great tradition in my neighborhood of Dinner Drops. When a family has a need, usually after the birth of a baby, one really organized neighborhood mom coordinates a bunch of other neighborhood moms in dropping off dinner to the family. Sometimes the dinner drops are every night for two weeks, or every other night for a month -- the interval varies. I didn't live here when my kids were born, but know that every family on the receiving end of a Dinner Drop is grateful for it.

Tonight is my turn to drop off at a family's house. It will be my first Dinner Drop. I'm thinking about making chicken cacciatore. I would deliver it with some cooked spaghetti and -- do I need to make a green salad or garlic bread? Letitia made cacciatore for a drop at another family's house this week. We don't really keep track of what the other moms are bringing over. I thought that the families would be getting sick of casseroles, but it turns out that there is a lot more diversity than that -- soups are also popular, and some people go all out with roasts and side dishes.

I've heard a lot of noise about how women tear each other down. I just want the world to know about a way that they help each other.


  1. This is a wonderful idea. I wish I lived in such a supportive neighbourhood!

  2. That is such a lovely tradition. I brought some dinner on Monday to a friend who just had a baby. I brought a roasted pork tenderloin and some cheesy roasted garlic mashed potatoes. She was on her own for the veggie.

  3. I just brought regular french bread. I didn't do a salad, but I felt guilty about it. Not that we normally eat a salad w/ our dinner. One of the best things I ever got in the dinner drop days was a case of luna bars. Breakfast was taken care of for almost a month. That rocked.

  4. I have always been very impressed by how supportive your and Letitia's group of friends are of one another. It is impressive and a great model for the kids. Kudos to you for sharing it.

    Now, how do Letitia and I get cool nicknames like Mamacita and PapiChulo?