Thursday, May 31, 2007

Up, Up and Away

The David Chien opening was really fun. I got to talk to David briefly and we will definitely be talking more soon. My favorite part of the opening was where the kids could decorate their own superhero capes. You will not be surprised to learn that Becca chose a black cape -- she is definitely the arch nemesis-type.


  1. Do my eyes deceive me, or did they both choose pink letters? ;->

  2. If you want to split hairs (and I do), Mamacita 'suggested' pink, and neither declined.
    While I'm splitting hairs, Emmet confirmed with me that the run to 3rd base in his last T-ball game was in fact a 'gallop' and not 'skipping'.

  3. Well thank God he gallops instead of skipping...

    This is a really great picture!

  4. ARCH NEMESIS!?!? What ever! She'd be the World's Cutest Arch Nemesis EVER, IF she were! After all she does take after her Nonnie. Of course, she does have a lot of her mommy in her, too, so I can see where one would confuse mean-to-her-sibling as arch-enemy! Take it from one who survived.

    By the way, I see nothing wrong with pink. Real men can carry it off without worrying about being perceived as effeminate. Same with purple and turquoise!

    As for the galloping...of course he was galloping, Skippy! Did YOU ever skip to a base? Of course not. Why would a kid who exhibits your mad skills in athletics do any differently?

    PS is this picture going to the family blog or is it exclusive rights to this one?