Thursday, May 31, 2007

Yay Belgium

True story: I was sitting at the computer last night thinking, "I know I was gonna post about something..." I just remembered that I was going to post about how awesome framboise lambic is.

In addition to being (apparently) an amnesia-inducing agent*, lambic is also one damn fine beer. The makers must be aware of this, as they sealed the bottle with foil AND a non-twistable cap AND a cork, just for good measure. Good thinking -- I don't want the kids guzzling this one like they do all the others.

And on a related note, I need a new corkscrew for my birthday.

*Shouldn't there be a better word for this?

UPDATE: Ben may have found a word -- Lethean. Hmm... Lethean... hot or not?
UPDATED UPDATE: An anonymous tipster has suggested amnestic, which is supported by the Stedman's Medical Dictionary. Thanks for playing, everyone!


  1. * How about 'distilled Lotus leaf'.

  2. Yum, lambic. Personally, I prefer peche or kriek (kriek especially!) to framboise.

    Did you know you can get non fruity lambics? They taste just like beer, though, so not so good.

    I would have just said memory effacing, myself.

  3. So, the word you're looking for is "amnestic". Really and truly.

  4. Step forward and claim your prize, anonymous. One gold star for you.