Thursday, May 17, 2007

Graduation Gifts

So, you’re looking for a graduation gift, huh? If only you knew someone who liked to shop and had a lot of time on her hands. Oh, wait – you do! Lucky you! Actually I did a lot of research to come up with some options for you, but then I came upon the absolute perfect thing. I’ll give you the runners-up first:

Under $50

Always appreciated: iTunes gift certificate, Amazon gift certificate, in any amount

She will probably want one of these: personal coffeemaker, $17.44

Colorful and useful: monogrammed umbrella $26

Classic: pearl earrings – 6 mm is a good size $40

A perfect little shot of color for her new room: small clock $40

Always useful and pretty: personalized stationery $46 for this set


If she lives in the dorm (or even a shared apartment) she will need one of these: monogrammed robe $59.50

Vietnamese girls wear these for luck, and I’ve always wanted one: jade bangle $65 and up

Slightly Over $100

Lovely and useful, plus it comes in an impressive box: Tiffany jewelry roll $125

Okay, Here’s The Real Winner

LL Bean Boat and Tote Bag $19-$64

It’s cute, timeless and wholesome. One size fits all. It can be personalized. She will have it for the rest of her life. She can use it for the beach this summer, carrying a laptop in the fall, hauling groceries one day when she has a place of her own, and even as a diaper bag one day. Who doesn’t need an extra tote? Best of all: it’s inexpensive.


  1. You have to visit Chinatown next time you are in San Francisco. They sell all kinds of jade bangles and rings for super cheap here.

  2. How about a *customized* bean boat tote? I keep designing a black/red/natural one with their cool little online tool, but haven't gotten around to ordering it yet.

  3. Great ideas! I especially love the umbrella and the Kate Spade clock. Lovely.