Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I'm Totally Signing Up Next Year

Wouldn't you like to know what fabulous prizes await Miss Texas USA 2008? Golly, yes!

Well, Miss Texas USA 2007 received ... a year of complimentary dental work, a "year of haircare and pampering" from a salon in Sugar Land, $250 in cosmetics, a "one-year supply of hair care products," various promises of nutrition counseling and fitness training, and -- these are the best -- "consultation in imaging and styling," "training in stage presentation and visual poise," and "on-camera training for Miss USA."

The cash prize? A $2,500 allowance. And what about that "scholarship pageant" business? Oh, she gets two scholarships -- from two different "professional development" outfits. Nothing toward an accredited program.


  1. At least it's a nice tiara, if indeed that's the one.

  2. It's actually the Miss USA crown. The Miss Texas crown is equally impressive, though different in design. And neither one is worth having hairspray on your ass or vaseline on your teeth.